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Department of State ," the United States is hanging out online mall late delivery delay announcement. louis vuitton lap bag According to public information , the average for each order Jingdong logistics , warehousing costs around $ 20."In the past might just change individual merchants , but this year a large shopping center in Shenzhen adjustment is large businesses .

In terms of labor costs , due to the "speed up " the need to send a separate car , equipped with at least one full-time drivers, according to Jobs Jingdong publicly display , a freight drivers monthly salary of 4,000 yuan from top to bottom , 30 days a month average daily wage at around $ 130. fakelouis vuitton scarf Jingdong Mall officials say they sent a number of value -Intelligencer, but because there is no rushing livery finished , so dressed in civilian clothes .Yesterday, according to commercial real estate survey report released World Union Properties latest show by the impact of the electricity supplier , Shenzhen Mall readjustment in many aspects of business increased , more options hairdressing, catering, childrens , entertainment and other experiential formats and large-scale commercial real estate developers to build their own retail brands increasingly apparent .

louis vuitton jackets men At the same time , opened the worst round in the history of the price war Jingdong Mall , are somewhat " always " nonsense .An array of styles on the market , the pursuit of fashion women s fast-changing , is a big challenge.However, compared with the traditional distribution model Jingdong , "speed up " there are many limitations .

In the busy period , Suning also enabled nearly 1800 lines and more than 4,000 sales outlets stores participate Suning Tesco express distribution , logistics and alleviate stress.Electricity supplier MALL hurt a lot of money : change electricity supplier in commercial real estate , Shenzhen Mall experiential formats to increase louis vuitton neverfull gm Earnings worries of scale to make money from the user decide whether to order receipt, "speed up " the delivery time of only three hours , up to twice more than " limit up to 211 " before the speed , it also means that the entire back-office operations need speed.Moreover, network operators should actively carry out the allocation of resources , only the allocation of resources in place, staff salaries and reasonable incentive to make to keep up with the increased volume of distribution of links .In general, the shopping center opened on the premise that investment to ensure full occupancy rate of 70 %, while the occupancy rate of over 70% means that shopping center needs 150 to 200 contracted brands, approximately 60,000 square meters ; But this huge brand merchants resource body now facing : Online , electricity providers continue to capture market share ; the line , businesses face the "three high and one low " state ( high labor costs , high rents , high taxes , low profits ) .The pricing and EMS, SF has some advantages compared to , but better than "Stone one of " the first heavy prices generally expensive 5-6 .

louis vuitton neverfull gm But reporters in a number of Suning, Gome stores in visits, closed not found dressed in "Mission condensate livery " Jingdong Mall price mining staff .In this regard, a business reporter to Beijing Daily said the reason for not Jingdong warehousing, mainly because of the trouble .Just released "speed up " the one hour after the news on-line in Jingdong , Jingdong has been in the capital and destabilize the easy fast network to respond quickly , saying the industry s first " three- day delivery " service, consumers meet under normal conditions the amount of shopping at no extra cost .